Wednesday, April 15, 2009

For those of you that use air fresheners, did you know they are toxic?

Air fresheners can work by using a nerve-deadening chemical that interferes with our sense of smell or by coating nasal passage with an oily film, and include chemicals like formadehyde, naphthalene, xylene, butane gas, cresol, ethanol and phenol. Solid deodorizers include the pesticide paradichlorobenzene; Aerosol air fresheners release chemicals as tiny particles which can be inhaled deeply into lungs and transferred into the blood stream. Plug in air fresheners break chemicals into even smaller particles and produce VOC%26#039;s.

These are all classified as carcinogens and/or neurotoxins. Have you ever inspected your home for similar toxins?

For those of you that use air fresheners, did you know they are toxic?
Yeah, it%26#039;s true. Fortunately, in order to get this effect, you have to ingest the stuff repeatedly over a few years, or apply the liquid (not spray) directly to the mucosa repeatedly for several years. Thing is, ingesting it in these quantities would kill you in less than a day, and if you dripped this stuff into your nasal passages, the effect would be so unpleasant as to rendering the mentioned %26quot;daily use for several years%26quot; pretty much impossible...

Yeah, stick the stuff in an asthma inhaler, take 4x a day. Sure you get cancer. But the significant phrase here is

%26quot;Air fresheners CAN work by using a nerve-deadening...%26quot;

Not works... CAN work. Which means there is no proof that this is how it works. When one sees this stuff, it%26#039;s probably a hoax.

I bet you got this in an e-mail.
Reply:Never heard this one before. I know candles are if the have the lead wicks.
Reply:I am sorry but what was your question again?
Reply:Yes I have heard that, what are the repercussions of it all is what i would like to know!
Reply:Yes, yes I did. Also-did you know that MOST deodorants cause breast cancer? Breast cancer is at an all time high, why? The toxic deodorant enters the body through the sweat glands in the pits (even faster if you have razorburn) and then starts attacking the first lymph nodes it finds, which surprise surprise-there are plenty of near the armpit area. Then it just travels on through there! Wear organic deodorant or none at all! Shop at the natural/health section or a co-op.
Reply:I dont use air fresheners. they make the air smell like ca ca.

My neighbor uses them and they are so strong I can smell them outside, and she wonders why everyone in her house has Asthma....
Reply:Thanks for the information--I had no idea! I will get rid of all of mine now.
Reply:ok this might seem weird but we dont use air fresheners often! haha. guess our house is rather safe then. thanks for the info.


What is the best air spray for a bathroom? What do you put in there to keep it smelling nice?

The fan just is not cutting it. Do you use those plug in deodorizers? Pot pourris? Air things? Which sprays are best? Thank you!

What is the best air spray for a bathroom? What do you put in there to keep it smelling nice?
I like to spray Febreze on the shower curtain, rugs. These seem to smell fresher and last longer than other air fresheners. You can also use candles around the tub. In addition to being really pretty and sensual while bathing, they give off scent whether they are burning or not. My fav candles are Yankee. You can get a tart burner or an electric jar warmer.

Always keep the bathroom clean. Light a match for those temporary bathroom smells. Even a raunchy poo smell is natural and dissipates rather quickly after flushing...spraying a bunch of stuff makes the smell worse. You can get a thing that deodorizes and cleans toilet bowl and water but don%26#039;t use these if you have pets that drink out of the toilet or toddlers who are famous for dunking their hands in there.

And if you have one, open the window once in a while, including when you are cleaning to give ventilation.
Reply:For immediate freshness; try Oust or Febreze air effects. Works better than regular sprays, in my opinion. I like to use the oil plug-ins which work well for constant fresheners. The best one is the new Febreze plug-in. Works really well and doesn%26#039;t start out strong and then fades out like the other ones.
Reply:use the classic %26quot;strike a match%26quot; technique.

Or, remodel the bathroom into a small office and crap in your neighbor%26#039;s house while visiting or borrowing sugar.
Reply:air wick - by wizard - its a liquid you unscrew the cap and pull the wick up - it works great - you can get it at the dollor store for 2 bucks - ive tried all the fancy plug ins and such and this works!
Reply:i hear spraying Axe into the room is the best solution. better smell than fake chemical air freshener.
Reply:They have notices about the plug ins that have caught houses on fire. I leave a can of Oust; by renuzit, [the clean linen smells nice], in the bathroom. Also you can put a stick up air freshener behind the toilet or any place were it wont be visible.

Hope I helped.
Reply:There are a number of things you can use that are on the market today. There is Oust air sanitizer that seems to work well. However, I have 8 people in my family, and 6 of them use the same bathroom, and we have a Housewarmer candle in there for such occasions. They%26#039;re quite literally the STRONGEST scented candle in creation, and they come in a variety of scents.
Reply:the febreeze air freshner that plugs in outlet can get them at a dollar store for 4.00
Reply:OZIUM brand spray
Reply:, if live near a bath %26amp; body works they have the best smelling plugins they actually last like they say and smell so good about $12 bucks for two but it%26#039;s worth every dollar....they look like a tulip. i can%26#039;t rememver the brand name but they%26#039;ll know what you are talking about.
Reply:Your bathroom will not smell if you keep it clean. At least once a month soak the toilet in Bleach. The other cleaners are fine, but it needs bleached. Keep shower curtains washed weekly, especially in summer. Smells come from mold and dirt. I am not intending to offend you, but it%26#039;s true. The sprays are not healthy for you or your family to breathe. If you don%26#039;t have a bathroom fan, get one installed ASAP. I hope you have a bathroom window and when you clean the bathroom, turn on the vent and open the window. That gets the chemicals out of the room and it also brings in good fresh air. Remember to never mix Bleach and Ammonia. I do clean the floor with Ammonia which leaves a good fresh smell. Watch your rugs, as bleach and ammonia will spot them and take out the color if it spills on them. Clean, Clean, Clean. That is where you brush your teeth. It%26#039;s as important as your kitchen. Throw away all those nasty sprays that mask odors.
Reply:Odoban, Odoban, Odoban......try it you%26#039;ll like it.
Reply:Vanilla scents will take even the strongest smells out of your room.

skin rash

My 4 year old dog is peeing in the house, HELP!!!!!!!?

My dog has started peeing in the bedroom when i have to close her in there. I have tried all the deodorizers and scent neutralizers that are on the market and nothing seems to have worked as she is still doing it. I have tried scolding her when she does it and praising her when she goes outside. I am at wits end with this problem............

My 4 year old dog is peeing in the house, HELP!!!!!!!?
The first thing you need to do is bring her to the vet. Ensure that there is no physical problem with her.

The next thing is to STOP SCOLDING HER. You are creating fear of you and fear of the %26#039;accident%26#039; being found, which creates huge problems. If you aren%26#039;t catching her in the act, then you are scolding her for being in the bathroom or for standing there. Rubbing her nose in it won%26#039;t help - it%26#039;s borderline abuse. A firm %26quot;NO%26quot; while she is doing it is the extent of the scolding that should be done, and then pick her up immediately and bring her outside.

You haven%26#039;t mentioned how old she is or how long you leave her in the bathroom. These are major factors. Some dogs, especially smaller and younger, and sometimes even older, dogs, can only hold it for a few hours. Even if they%26#039;ve been able to hold it before, something may have changed.

You also haven%26#039;t mentioned the breed of dog. If it%26#039;s a %26#039;people dog%26#039;, like many of the toy and terrier group, she may not like being locked in a bathroom while you are gone. Crate training may help with some of this, but if you are gone longer than 3-4 hours regularly, then you need a different solution. Toy groups are also notorious for having potty issues. If she%26#039;s a toy, this is something the breeder or rescue group should have brought up.

Aside from crate training, you can also try litter training, if she%26#039;s small enough. Some dogs take right to it and it solves the problem.

You may also need to simply start over. When you are home, bring her out every hour. Bring her out every time you leave. Basically, treat her like a puppy again.

Good luck to you and I hope you are able to find a solution.

Edit: If she%26#039;s trying to hide it, then she knows it%26#039;s wrong. She doesn%26#039;t want you to find it, probably because she%26#039;s afraid to get in trouble. This is why scolding is so wrong. She really needs to go to the vet to make sure it%26#039;s not an internal problem and she really needs to be let out more often. If you are home running your daycare, set an alarm to go off every hour and excuse yourself and let her out quickly. Or, train her to the litter box or to puppy pads. It%26#039;s not fair to be upset with her because you have to lock her up. Again, good luck to you.

Edit II - It doesn%26#039;t have to be abuse. My dog freaks out simply with tone. Look at what you%26#039;ve said. She goes potty. You find it and scold her. She tries to hide it. Why is she trying to hide it? Possibly because you scold her and she doesn%26#039;t like that. But, she also can%26#039;t hold it, so she goes and then tries to hide it from you so she doesn%26#039;t get in trouble. This isn%26#039;t a Spanish Inquisition or anything, it%26#039;s just time to change tactics that obviously aren%26#039;t working. : )
Reply:Chances are that it%26#039;s a behavior problem. If she%26#039;s used to being free then she%26#039;s going to hate being shut up in the bedroom. Try talking to a dog behaviorist.

The other problem you might have is that the neutralizers you%26#039;ve used haven%26#039;t been very effective. The best on the market is Anti-Icky-Poo. It comes with a manufacturers money back guarantee. Find it on
Reply:You may have to start crating her. She will not pee in her crate, and when you let her out make sure she goes. Start over like she was a puppy. For now, use spot shot for the stains.. Good luck.
Reply:Your dog is probably upset that she%26#039;s being locked in the bedroom. If you are leaving her for short periods of time then it%26#039;s time to see a vet and have your carpet professionally cleaned. If you%26#039;re leaving her locked in there for more than a couple of hours then you might want to try crating her. Contact your local dog trainer or your vet%26#039;s office for instruction. I%26#039;m not crazy about crating but it keeps carpets from being ruined. You should make sure that she gets ample exercise before she%26#039;s locked up and that you give her plenty of attention so she won%26#039;t feel so lonely.
Reply:if it were a male dog i would say castrate him and hope you did not castrate him. i had a dog but this never happened beacuse i always left the back door in my garage open

i am sorry that i cannot help you
Reply:Time to consult your vet. Call him/her today.
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Reply:if your dog feels in any way jealous of the attention you give the kids in your house rather than her she could be doing it for that reason. or spending long hours alone. my mamaw had a dog once that for 3 or 4 years he never did anything like that. well one day he started peeing on the floor or the furniture, chewing up anything he could, basically tearing up the house. we realized it was because he was left alone all day and was bored. i understand if u do have to lock dog or away from the kids but maybe give her a toy or go in there every so often and love on her a little bit. im not saying youre a bad owner just letting you know of my experiences. my dog has done it before too. hope this helps.


How do you get the odor out of a microwave?

I was making microwaveable popcorn and I put the wrong time to cook. It overcooked and the bag caught fire. It stained the inside of the microwave and made a terrible odor. I got most of the stain out of the microwave but not completely. I have sprayed Febreeze inside, also room deodorizers. Can anyone give assistance in removing the odor? Thank you! Have a good day!

How do you get the odor out of a microwave?
The stain is for ever. Sorry. Mixing baking soda and vinegar or lemon juice on the sponge and immediately wiping the fuzzing sponge all over the interior and door gasket.......followed by several plain water rinses should help with the smell. But the rest is caught in the air vents. Fill a large glass bowl or large measuring cup (4 cups) with water and add cinnamon, cloves, lemon or orange peel, whatever nonchemical stuff you have on hand and microwave it for 10 minutes (hence a big bowl of water) The scent should displace the burned popcorn smell. Be sure to wipe out the microwave as the steam can promote mildew inside the machine.....I wipe and leave the door open as well.

There is also a product called Smells Be Gone solid, you could put that inside the micro for a week or so.
Reply:The staining can be removed by using a damp cloth and baking soda. Use the baking soda as you would use cleanser. Dip the damp cloth in the powder and rub the stain, Unless the stain is actually scorching from the fire this should remove the stain.

Place 1/4 cup of vinegar in the microwave and cook it on full power for 1 1/2 minutes. That will take care of the odor.
Reply:That%26#039;s ironic, because the same thing happened to me. The stain never did come out %26amp; the odor finally left, after many cleanings with Windex glass cleaner. The ammonia helped cut the odor but nothing got the stain completely out. I just thought of maybe making a paste of baking soda %26amp; water %26amp; use that to bleach out the stain. It%26#039;s worth a try. Good luck!
Reply:Why not try some Baking Soda mixed in a bucket of water... soak, then scrub the inside and see if it works... if it can help

your %26#039;frig, why not your microwave???
Reply:Clean out the rest of the stain. Then put a box of Baking Soda in for about a day. There will be some lingering odor for awhile, but it will pass as you cook other things in the oven. Don%26#039;t make popcorn in there for awhile and when you do, stay right there by the microwave. That%26#039;s why there is a warning on the package to not leave the bag cooking. The time given is reletive and each bag pops at a different pace.
Reply:Lemon juice should do the trick. If not, try using vinegar.


Why does my AC vent give out a funny smell, somewhat like chocolate, after I switch from the heater to the AC?

We started to get the same smell last year. We called an AC cleaner and he found mold. He said he eradicated the mold. But the same smell came back in a few days. We used deodorizers to get rid of the smell. But, the good smell mixed with the bad smell and I guess it cancelled out. I just want to know if this is common.

Why does my AC vent give out a funny smell, somewhat like chocolate, after I switch from the heater to the AC?
%26quot;Rick....learn how to speak and wright English correctly. Reading your answer looks like some 10 year old want to be thug wrote it. GROW UP%26quot; -Dradle

Practice what you preach. It%26#039;s %26quot;write%26quot;, not %26quot;wright%26quot;.
Reply:Harry, no it is not common if you smell it all the time. The first time you run the furnace or A/C at the beginning of the season it is common to have a different smell... but only the first time. If you notice it all the time and from every register in the house, then the source is either in the main duct or in the A/C coil itself. If you only notice it from one register, then this narrows down the search. Why you would have mold in the first place is of concern because it may mean the A/C coil is not draining properly. It sounds like you need to bring someone back out and have it thoroughly investigated.

One last thing... I agree with Dradle concerning Rick%26#039;s response... it took me twice as long to read than if he had written English. Answering someones question is not the place to for %26quot;cool%26quot; street talk. People want answers, not jive.
Reply:He may not have cleaned the duct system. The mold probley migrated there. Change the filter too. Check the air humidifier and all its ducts for mold and clean and change wick in humidifier. Examine the blower assembly and vacuum out any dust and debree. The whole system including the auxilaries needs to be examined if mold was found in any part. Sound like the origonal maintence tech did a poor job.
Reply:Rick....learn how to speak and wright English correctly. Reading your answer looks like some 10 year old want to be thug wrote it. GROW UP
Reply:Datz nt common.....U r kid mite hav poured some chocolate sauce in it...lolz...Call dat guy bck again....Summerz round da corner...So betta do dat fast


Getting Water and Mildew out of a carpet?

Three days ago, a pipe leaked upstairs in my apartment and now a corner of carpet in one of the downstairs rooms is wet. Since this happened, we have tried fans, heaters, and blotting with towels several times a day but the carpet is still wet. It is no longer soaked, but it is still damp and we cannot seem to get the remaining moisture out and now it is beginning to smell like mildew. I am less concerned about the mildew at the moment and have bought some cleaners and deodorizers for after the carpet is dry...But was primarily wondering if anyone had any ideas on how to get the carpet the rest of the way dry as pulling it up is definitely not an option. Thank you!

Getting Water and Mildew out of a carpet?
If there is a pad under the carpet, it will likely have to be replaced. The pad, being covered, will not dry.

You can try peeling the carpet back and the pad may dry out, but the carpet possibly will shrink.

It%26#039;s worth a shot thoughbecause they way you are goingit will never dry and become full of mold which can be very dangerous.


Reply:I would be concerned about the mildew. Once the mildew settles in you may have a bigger problem.

Have you kept the fan running or a couple of windows open through out the process of getting the carpet to dry out?

If it doesn%26#039;t dry in the next day or so, (two at most) you%26#039;re going to have to lift up the carpet down to the floor and dry it out that way. If you%26#039;re talking the corner, it shouldn%26#039;t be that difficult nor shouldn%26#039;t be difficult to put down again.

What you want to do is stop any mildew from growing underneath the carpet.
Reply:A shampoo machine will suck the water up and than I would use a dehumidifier


What can I do about my smelly toilet?

I am a very clean person and I keep a clean house. I clean my bathroom about once a day because it%26#039;s a room that always gets messy. I have recently started smelling a urine smell coming from my toilet. I have tried everything to take the smell away but it wont go. I use bleach, Lysol, Mr. Clean, Comet, Pine-sol, etc etc. I have tried all kinds of bowl cleaners and deodorizers too. What should I do? And where do you think the smell is coming from? THANKS!!!!!

What can I do about my smelly toilet?
they make them deodorizers that clip to the inside of your toilet !! But you may have a plugged exhaust pipe ...idk I am not a plumber !
Reply:Maybe it%26#039;s leaking or there%26#039;s some urine on the floor
Reply:I would call a plumber and have him ream the pipe out. That may solve the problem. As you say, you have cleaned it very well, that should not be happening. Also get the deorderizer tablets for the tank Good luck..
Reply:Drop a bleach tablet into the tank...don%26#039;t use those under the rim things that clip on. The standing water will be chlorinated and won%26#039;t smell....
Reply:Are you sure it%26#039;s coming from inside the toilet? It could be from the surrounding area... especially if the toilet is ever used by males.
Reply:Do you have a carpet in the bathroom ? If so it may well be urine that has soaked into the carpet /loo mat around the base of the toilet. Clean with a mild solution of soapy water ,do not use bleach otherwise you will discolour the carpet. If it is the loo mat then change it more frequently.If you have cushion floor or laminated flooring clean with a spray cleaner filled with warm soapy water ,spray lightly so as not to soak the wood and make it bubble.Dry thoroughly after rubbing clean.
Reply:whatever you do dont do what brendan suggests.Mixing bleach %26amp; ammonia can be deadly.
Reply:okay...calm down! what you need to do is pour some regular coke into your toilet, the carbonation should eat the underlying bacteria away...leave it in for like ten minutes and then flush..also doing this will help clean stains away to...good luck, hope it helps ;)
Reply:if you have boys in the house it could be in the floor boards not the toilet
Reply:plumber my friend. if mr. clean can%26#039;t do it, no one can!
Reply:I believe your sewage line needs to be cleaned. Call out a sewage man. Good Luck
Reply:Maybe there%26#039;s something wrong with your loo? Try a plumber perhaps?
Reply:How old is the toliet/bathroom? Maybe it%26#039;s the pipes? How many people use the toliet in the home? Could it be that someone has %26#039;bad aim%26#039; and they miss the bowl?
Reply:you probably have a leak around the wax seal that fit inside and around the toilet that connect to the floor where all the waste run out to your sewage line have it replace .
Reply:yea, have you checked the floor around the toilet and the outside of the toilet, if that is all clean then try a plumber.
Reply:try so klin
Reply:whats on the floor,carpet etc,it may be that
Reply:Use some hot water. Yes some detergent with a good smell. Let it sit for few minutes. Along with baking soda.

This should unclog your toliet and maybe push what odor is coming from there.
Reply:check your bathroom rugs and make sure it%26#039;s not that, clean the floors good, use white vinigar or hydrogen peroxid ein the toilet to disenfect and make it smell better, if that doesnt work call a plumber
Reply:Maybe u should call some expert for that :P Sorry I don%26#039;t have Idea where it comes from....

Actually I have but I dont know how to say it....

BTW this is %26quot;stinky%26quot; Question LOL
Reply:I went to the site %26quot;Music Man%26quot; told you to go to. Sounds pretty good %26amp; you can also see it in the dark so you know where it%26#039;s coming from.

A lot less expensive than calling a plumber.
Reply:......try Urine-Gone

Reply:I would call in a plumber it seems like theres a leak
Reply:Dang, if Bleach is not taking care of the toilet something is seriously wrong. You need to call a plumber.
Reply:try that bam! foaming orange stuff. bleach has always worked 4 me.
Reply:In your families meals put about 5 drops of perfume. So everytime they pooh your bathroom will smell like a waterfull on a beautiful day. You can hear the birds singing now
Reply:clean it
Reply:mix them all together i might work

maintenance repairs